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New Inspirations

As many promising writers are in the same boat, my work life and family took center stage for the past couple of months as my writing suffered a little. I would attempt to get a couple paragraphs written for the … Continue reading

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Revisiting old genres that are popular again for sci-fi writers

Earlier this week while eating lunch, I was flipping through a Time magazine and wound up at the section that reviewed the upcoming summer movies. Along with the standard fare of action films (Transformers XXVII) , period pieces (The Immigrant) … Continue reading

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Good things come to those who don’t give up

I’ve been delinquent in sending out another query letter to another literary agent on my list of 60 or so. Work has kept me busy, kids have kept me busier, but I know I need to get another email or … Continue reading

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A fresh start for the New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and I wish everyone out there a festive and cheerful New Years! As I’m still looking for a print publisher, I have been making a couple searches outside the US for … Continue reading

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Three new endeavors (Well, two new and a follow up)

My debut novel has been electronically published for over two months and I still monitor my e-book sales. I’ve fallen into the classic habit of searching the Smashwords website to see if there have been any previews or sales. But, … Continue reading

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