About the book

I am a debut author with a 90,000+ work manuscript. It is complete and professionally edited, but so far I haven’t been able to secure an agent or publisher. The novel can be previewed and downloaded in E-book format on the Smashwords website http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/356986

Below you will find a brief description of The Outer Marker:

In a distant galaxy in the far-off future, a combat veteran just wants to settle down, raise his kids as a single father, and earn a decent wage piloting a starship. But to former members of his old unit, his skills and knowledge are too valuable to be wasted as they attempt to uncover a deadly plot being hatched by their new masters.

As he is unwittingly drawn deeper into the web of secrets, many strange and unexplained occurrences will force him to uncover clues and make him choose sides. The mystery’s culmination lies in explaining how an entire planet has been made to disappear from the galaxy.

The Outer Marker is a sci-fi adventure that will take the reader to exotic, new worlds and introduce an assortment of characters. Throughout the excitement, the protagonist endeavors to maintain the simple comforts of family life and community on a distant moon.


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