New Inspirations

As many promising writers are in the same boat, my work life and family took center stage for the past couple of months as my writing suffered a little. I would attempt to get a couple paragraphs written for the second novel, but I would either get distracted or wouldn’t know where to take my storyline. (I’m still trying to find an evil use for cedar chips as I mentioned in a previous post). 

I even started a third novel based on a promising outline I made. This one is not in the same vein as my Jim Travels series, but a story of an assassin who has entire worlds chasing after him after a botched job. The outline and broad strokes look good, all I need to do is put it down on paper.

Put it down on paper. I’ve been attempting that for months now.

Getting an average of 300 words per week is pathetic, per my standards. I need to find the time to punch out 1500 words at the minimum.

But, there’s good news. From a Black Friday buying spree, we are the proud owners of a larger 60” TV for the man-cave. And with that new purchase comes more opportunities. And from those opportunities come added channels, like NetFlix and Amazon. Following me here??

From Amazon, I discovered new and interesting science fiction programs that sparked my creative side again. And what would happen that I would check out the Syfy channel and find The Expanse. A truly wonderful television program that I actually look forward to watching every week! A rarity for me even with recordable programming.

So, what is The Expanse? It’s a space opera set 200 years in to the future when the asteroid belt has been populated, along with Earth and Mars. A small crew from a decrepit ice hauling ship gets their craft blown out from underneath them and they must seek out the perpetrators in a “borrowed” armed Martian frigate. Meanwhile, another key to this mystery lies in the hands of a police detective on the dwarf planet Ceres. Once both teams converge will the true plan be brought to light?

I’ve gotten inspiration to write because my storylines are similar to the ones in The Expanse. Not in the writing, but in the tone. Space is a lonely expanse that will do all it can to kill you, and any spacefarers traveling in its vacuum need to have a flinty toughness about them.

I’m reading the novels that inspired the series and finding joy in seeing how this story plays out. I want to do the same justice to my novels as James S. A. Corey did for the first novel of the series, Leviathan Wakes.

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