What’s in a name?

I’m considering using my pen name for future novels, essays, whatever. The reason is that while I’m active on social media for my family and friend activities – and I’m active professionally via LinkedIn, work conferences, etc, I still like to keep my writing as an activity onto itself and as a personal hobby.

In the new job I have (three months in already), I have found out one of my co-workers knows I’ve written a book and possibly may know I’m trying to get it published. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I have a little voice in my head urging me to keep my professional life separate from my personal activities. Kinda like having a “secret life” that your co-workers and acquaintances would never guess you have.

So, why am I reluctant to shift? Well, it’s pressure I’m getting from certain folks asking why would I ever depart a cool and unique name like Indulis Ievans and go to Eric Stevens? Keep the uniqueness, they tell me. The problem is that I’m the only person in the f’n world with this name. SO it’s not that hard to blend in the background if you run a Google search on my name. I think it’s easier to hide on the Internet if I were Nicholas Flamel, if you ask me.

I don’t think my writing would affect my professional career at all. I’m an IT Project Manager and I write Science Fiction, so a tell-all book in the same vein like Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential would never happen. Unless my current employer decides to undergo a shift to Interplanetary cargo shipping. That would be cool, to say the least. But unlikely considering we can barely get to the ISS nowadays.

I’m still mulling this over. In the meantime, I’ll have to see if the current websites hosting my e-book would allow for a name change. I reckon it’s easier than print publishing, but you never know.

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