In pursuit of the fleeting ISBN number :)

Sorry for the lapse in updates. As it states on my tagline – Work and Family took up quite a bit of my time (in a good way) but the Writing has also suffered a bit. Not to mention updates to this site.
Good news? I have a new job with a major airline in downtown Chicago and it looks as if I’ll be here for a long time as a contractor. Bad news? I’m in a writer’s block to figure out how to advance the fourth chapter in my second book. Hint: My entire plotline is exciting but I need to figure out how to make cedar chips into a weapon to make a sub-story move forward.
As for e-book sales, I’m still publishing on Smashwords and I’ve lately added The Outer Marker to BookBaby, which distributes to Europe, India and parts of Asia. I have NO idea on e-book distribution trends in those areas so it will be interesting to determine how sales will go in those parts.
I have two challenges regarding physical publishing is now I don’t even receive rejections from potential agents and I’m knee deep in the quagmire that is ISBN numbers issuance. I still send out query letters to potential agents to be represented, but the last six or so letters I’ve sent don’t even generate a No response. Is this apathy on the agent’s part or has my quest for an agents become stale in some way. I am about three-quarters through my original list of potential sci-fi agents, so I may send out the remaining query letters and perhaps look elsewhere.
The ISBN thing is puzzling to me. Even though I have an ISBN number for my e-book, I am really having a hard time locating the right source to get an ISBN number for a physical book. My wife wants to get the book self-published, but this stupid little detail is holding things up. It’s funny how something so small like a group of numbers can be so difficult to acquire.
So, that’s all I have for now. I’ll continue writing on the challenges of novice writing and distribution in order to help a fellow author out there. Have a great and fulfilling 2015!

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