Good things come to those who don’t give up

I’ve been delinquent in sending out another query letter to another literary agent on my list of 60 or so. Work has kept me busy, kids have kept me busier, but I know I need to get another email or printed query letter out there. If you’re following the same path as I am, then you’ll also know the feeling of monotony when these letters get sent. Fortunately, I’m buoyed by the fact that many other debut authors have faced a similar situation. Allow me to relay an uplifting story about an author who was acknowledged by her peers and the State of Illinois.

I recently got a newspaper clipping from my mother-in-law which had a great article about Joanne Zienty, a librarian at the Forest School library in Des Plaines, IL. She has been writing her whole life and recently began shopping for a publisher for her book “The Things We Save” without much success. Her peers submitted it for the Soon to be Famous Illinois Author award run by an organization named RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System).

So, for an award fitting for National Library Week, Joanne received the first prize award at an April 16th ceremony in Burr Ridge. I think it’s great that someone who has spent her whole life writing and working as a librarian to further advance her love for the written word can receive such an awesome acknowledgement.

I also feel hopeful of my own chances when I read in another article that she had shopped this same manuscript to over 30 literary agents before going into self-publishing. One may think of giving up and having doubts about their work. I can now include Joanne and her novel as inspiration that not everyone can see the gem you’re holding in those pages you’ve worked on for so long.

I’ll attach a link to the article from the Daily Herald:

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