Going all Old School to find an agent

First, some confessions need to be made. I am old enough to having to write high school term papers on a manual typewriter. I have searched for jobs through the original job board, the classified section of the Chicago Tribune. And I had send out many, many resumes via mail, fully knowing the delicacies of proper handling to avoid smudges and knowing the correct weight of the paper that would surely impress a future employer.
Second, I have caught up and kept pace with the modern world. I now type essays, papers, and of course my novel using MS Word. Sites like CareerBuilder and Dice not only show any new and exciting jobs, I can also send them an immediate cover page and resume with a click of the button. And I tend to text my wife more often than I call her. (I should work on the last part)
Having said that, I find it curious that a couple prospective literary agents still insist I send them my query letter and first chapter via snail mail. Everyone, I mean everyone, is electronic these days. But in order to get a copy of The Outer Marker in front of these old stalwarts, I’m forced to use paper, a stamp, and an SASE in case I want to know what they thought of my humble work.
And to be honest, I don’t mind and kinda like it even if it makes me complete a couple extra manual steps requiring ink and paper. In fact, it may actually put me a couple paces ahead of another prospective author who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of sending in a manuscript. And also, I can envision the recipient handling my manila envelope, checking out where from the world it was sent, and then using a paper knife to unlock my letter as his new client.
Here’s to having some good news come back my way – via a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

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