The honest (but not so cool) let down

So today was good news and bad news sort of day. The good news is I have found the Goodreads website much more enjoyable and easier to use to promote the book (and I’m not saying that because this blog will now copy over to my dashboard!) After being added to their Author’s group, I was introduced to an easy-to-navigate starter page that took me less than an hour to set up. I hope I can find and target the sci-fi demographic I so badly need. My wife Jen still doesn’t seem to understand why her twins-club friends are not racing out to purchase my book. I keep telling her they’re more likely to decide on Fifty Shades than a science fiction novel because that’s what they want to read, regardless of loyalty.
And now for something completely different: A query letter rejection from an established literary agency written in the “To whom it may concern” format. I wrote of this problem in my very first blog post. You take the time to craft a kick-ass query letter, seek out and pinpoint the perfect literary agency, only to have a generic letter sent back with no personalization whatsoever, you will always wonder whether these folks on Madison Avenue appreciate the effort you’re putting out. All I have to say is at least this specific agency acknowledged that they were unable to write back to each author because they were receiving two hundred query letters a week! I find that hard to believe when they said they used to receive one hundred a month in the past, and thus the reason why they cannot answer each letter personally.
But of that’s the case, I think I’ll have to take this in stride, take a more pragmatic and optimistic view of the current situation, and perhaps write a better query letter so mine is the one the next guy will pick out of the bunch.

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