How many free copies constitute a loss when you have nothing to lose?

I recently found a new literary site called Goodreads that advertised that authors can receive promotion and visibility to their work. So, of course, I sign up and begin to peruse the website and all what it has to offer. As I delve deeper into the content, I find I have a couple friends who are marked as “Goodreaders” so this immediately brings me to a better sense of security. (One really must be careful with any type of webpage, including those which promote reading).
Soon I get to the section that details the opportunity for an author to promote their book. I see it’s a dashboard that provides an opportunity to showcase yourself (good), another section in which you can provide free copies as a raffle basis (better), but if you choose to promote you book there’s no chance you can sell it (not so good).
Now I’m left with a decision to either raffle off the book, provide it all free which does promote me but doesn’t leave much in my account because I have no other books to sell, or not even posting any of it.
I may see if I can place an excerpt in the dashboard with a chance of steering the potential reader to the main website. Perhaps there’s a way in which I can promote myself without giving away too many free copies. If I can find it, I’ll pursue that avenue. More details to follow…

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