A fresh start for the New Year!


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and I wish everyone out there a festive and cheerful New Years!
As I’m still looking for a print publisher, I have been making a couple searches outside the US for E-book distributors. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, there was a Dutch company that seemed very promising and I wrote to them asking for further information about an English language sci-fi book joining their ranks. They replied with a positive sounding letter until I read that I would need to be listed as my own publisher with a monthly cost of thirty Euros. I answered that I couldn’t justify such a fee considering I only have the one title to sell and wouldn’t recoup my losses. Oh well, I think I’ll look to New Zealand e-book distributors next for shits and giggles.
One item that has surprised me is the lack of publicity I’ve made so far with the e-book. I honestly thought my mid-summer promotion of the Outer Marker release had hit as many people as I could find in my circle of friend and acquaintances (think: ad nauseum). But I’ve only recently been told by two friends that they had no idea I had written a novel. It all started when one of my beta readers posted a request on my Facebook page asking for information on how to gift my novel to a friend. After informing him to head over to the Smashwords website (I even added a coupon for him as my own Christmas gift), I was surprised that other friends started posting comments to the tune of, “Indy, what novel?!?” and “How did I not know about this??”.
I’m going to have to seriously push this to people’s front burner so at least no one will be caught unaware of my little accomplishment. I mentioned earlier this fall that I have a small circle of friends. I figure my now I have informed a total of 600 people of this and I need at least 10,000 within the sci-fi demographic in order to gain traction for book sales and word of mouth promotion. This will be an uphill battle but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to accept.
I won’t be online for a week or so. We have our annual New Year’s vacation at a house rental in Door County, Wisconsin (imagine being in the thumb in Wisconsin’s mitten shape of the state). For twelve years we’ve stayed at a house rental in Sturgeon Bay overlooking Lake Michigan. Here’s the website in case anyone out there is ever vacationing in the area: http://www.marysbeachhouse.com/ Call Mary if you’re veer looking for a place to stay up North.
I will redouble my efforts at this book promotion once I get back home. And again, I wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2014!

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