Three new endeavors (Well, two new and a follow up)

My debut novel has been electronically published for over two months and I still monitor my e-book sales. I’ve fallen into the classic habit of searching the Smashwords website to see if there have been any previews or sales. But, as you can expect, once the book has hit the plateau, then don’t expect much traffic.
Two items I intend on doing to help sales will be business cards and searching out other e-book distributors. The business cards angle is pretty straightforward, but instead of the card displaying my business; it’s focused on the book. It should have the all the basics, author’s name, genre of the book, location of where it’s available, and of course, the title of the book. One item I’m mulling over is whether I can get the cover art of the novel on the back of the card, but I don’t know if it will be too small to read or if it will be too cost prohibitive.
While I’m still writing to agents looking for my opportunity to break into print publishing, I had a thought of whether there are other e-book distributors in other English speaking countries. I sometimes think it’s selfish to only look at the US for book sales when it’s quite obvious there are potential readers around the world. If I can find the time today, I may do a couple simple searches for retailers outside the borders of my country. More on that later…
Lastly, I still continue looking for an agent. However, the newest challenge I’ve come upon is the agent who doesn’t have a formal website or who uses archaic methods of query submission. I ran across one agent from the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents who wanted me to submit an SASE along with my submission. The problem is that they are so vague I don’t know whether to provide a query letter or whole manuscript?
So, for those out there looking for an agent and realizing they are exacting on their demands for submission (font size, word count, etc) I happen to have stumbled across some agents on the other side of that spectrum.

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