Round two of saving a piece of wonderful!

I wrote last week that my wife is doing all she can to save a campground in Saugatuck Michigan. After I wrote that post, I was told that the village planning commission had postponed their decision for this week. Although we fear the developer may still edge out the intrepid campers with lawyers, money and influence, there still could be a chance his efforts will fail.
In any case, we’ve known for a while that a conservation group called the Oval Beach Conservation Society may want to throw their hat in the ring along with the Lakeshore Christian Camping and make an offer for the land.
I wanted to add some pictures for you all to see and make up your minds on whether they need more McMansions because some money manager needs another status symbol to show how important he/she is to their fellow money managers when they arrive in the yachts from across the lake.

The beachfront property that maintains access for beachcombers as well as environmental responsibility.

The walkways from one cabin to another through the forest:

The simple and rustic front porch of one of the cabins:

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