Fighting the good fight

My wife drove up to Saugatuck yesterday to fight this P.O.S. land developer who wants to take a parcel of land away from family campers and disadvantaged children from Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods. This camp, which has stood in pristine rustic order for over a century, has hosted thousands of campers and families, including a tween Amelia Earhart who stayed in the camp for a while in the 1920’s.

And what does this guy want to do? He wants to tear down quaint cabins and pathways through the woods in order to build McMansions and plenty of parking for Range Rovers so dilettante stockbrokers have a place to host other dilettante stockbrokers and discuss how rough their lives are.

I’ll have more updates to this saga as we receive information. Our only hope is a local conservancy that may provide a suitable counter-offer to keep the camp the way it is. We’re hoping the local zoning board can see their way to prevent this developer from succeeding.


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