Finding new readers beyond your inner circle

600 people! To some people that would seem like a lot of folks, such as the total number of inhabitants in their small town. To others it may be an average number of people they speak to in a day in a large city.
To me it’s the realization of the approximate number of people who are aware that I wrote a manuscript and that it’s available for download. Let’s see, all my friends and family are aware, I’ve told all my besties on Facebook (a couple of times already because they need a couple of reminders) and any other random Joe that I meet on the street. Not good, not good at all.
I’ve mentioned previously that I consider myself a somewhat private person. Although I have plenty of acquaintances and I’m certainly not a shrinking violet in the business world, I don’t see myself as someone who gets out there to promote myself.
The question I ask myself, if I attempt to submit excerpts to magazines and related websites, could that generate enough interest to perhaps get to 1000 people or even higher? I’ll have to take that consideration and then see what I may need to do for my next steps. Literary fairs, sci-fi conventions, and conferences may be the next steps. I cannot see how kicking back and waiting for potential readers to come to me without me taking the effort to go to them.

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