Pulled in three directions while only having two eyes

My e-book has been uploaded to Smashwords for the past two weeks. I have received praise and congratulations from friends and family, but I’m still not seeing many purchases. I figured as much because if I don’t properly market and publicize the novel, then how will my future readers supposed to know it’s available?
To answer that question, I need to find my demographic.
I reckon I can start with submitting excerpts from the book to science fiction magazines and related periodicals. The excerpt I have in mind is actually a proven winner. Last month I attended a writer’s group session at my local library. I brought along a six page excerpt from a portion of the book where the action begins to take off. To my delight, I received positive feedback from not only the sci-fi and fantasy writers, but even the chick-lit writers and poets.
The section I found has a good blend of space travel for the sci-fi fans and a portion devoted to my character’s interaction with his children that should please the human interest readers.
But that’s not my problem. Even though I’ve had an intense interest in promoting the e-book and seeking out agents for print publishing, the task is difficult as I work full-time and take care of family responsibilities. I’ve taken to use my lunch hour to seek out literary magazines and websites as possible candidates for submissions. That, coupled with updating this website, and hopping from one meeting to another makes for a very busy day.
But I will explore the sci-fi submission. I feel that’s a good direction to go in order to reach the right readers who will take an interest in what I’m promoting.

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