An optimistic start to a new week

So, I had what’s best described as a soft opening for the book Sunday morning. I call it a soft opening because I announced it here, on Facebook, and another email I sent out to people most involved with it.
Although I’m very proud of the book and the accomplishment of having it complete, I’m not comfortable selling “me” to the masses. This is probably because I’m somewhat of a private person (Myers-Briggs has proven that a couple of times already) and I certainly know I’m not the only one who has this problem.
Fortunately, last week I attended a Project Management Institute dinner meeting to maintain my professional certification in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. I was expecting the standard fare of dry chicken and dry conversation, but by luck we happened to have a seminar by Sima Dahl regarding personal branding. A very chipper and knowledgeable host, she guided the attendees through the secrets to improving your “personal brand” through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other portals. I left the meeting later that evening armed with her hints and suggestions and knowing I’ll need to do more to put myself out there.
However, an issue I run into is attempting to maintain this author profile and professional project manager image separate.
If you’re keeping count, I received a rejection letter Friday. So, I promptly sent out another query letter twenty minutes later. I am at six rejections, two query letters in flight, an e-book on Smashwords, and ten thousand words into the next manuscript.

If you get a chance, check out Sima’s website that I copied below. For a visual reference, imagine if an over-caffeinated Shakira decided to go into the public speaking circuit.

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