New Cover Revealed

If you’ve ever judged a book by its cover, I hope the novel can be as awesome as this artwork by AJ Hauser. He and I collaborated on making an inexpensive and relatively easy cover thumbnail for the Smashwords website.
We began by choosing nine images relating to Planets and Celestial Bodies from the website. Why nine, you ask? Because the site makes you purchase credits by volume to pay for the stock images. Thirty credits worth fifty bucks amounted to about nine images. Not my preferred choice, though. I intended on going on a pay as you go plan.
AJ’s original thought was to review all the images independently and submitting a couple drafts for review. However, two days later I received a note that he took four images, combined them to make their own galaxy, and voila! I have a kick-ass cover image. I couldn’t be happier with his work for the time and effort involved (one week and under $150 for all images and labor).
His own words were, It has to have eye appeal to have buy appeal. As for the finished product, I think I have a definite chance at the latter for the cover image of an ebook. I want to add his website so everyone can have a chance to view his work:

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