Query Letter, Rejection Letter, Query Letter (Lather, Rinse, Repeat)

I received yet another rejection letter from a literary agency. Out of the five or so letters I’ve received back from literary agents, this one had promise because the agent asked for the first chapter of the manuscript after I submitted my query letter. But alas, she responded with a nice paragraph explaining that she appreciates the sample but it did not draw her in as much as she hoped.
I can appreciate that type of honesty and personalization. One memorable rejection letter (my very first, actually) had vague and ambiguous phrasing as if it was a stock letter to a generic audience. Stuff like: If this is a children’s book, you need to work on your interaction with your intended audience. If this is a fantasy book, it didn’t have enough believability. Seriously, really vague crap from an established agency in midtown Manhattan.
Am I upset about the latest letter? No. I expect it to be this way. Currently, I have 5 rejections, 2 query letters in submission, and a list of sixty-plus more agencies that will look at science fiction submissions. My new best friend is the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents. One week of scouring this handy guide and I have a spreadsheet of agencies willing to consider my manuscript.
One more update, my graphic designer guy AJ asked for six more potential photos, which I submitted yesterday. He should be able to provide a broader range of picks for my online submission. I’ll try to post some images this weekend for everyone to review.

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