The Cover Art Conundrum

I’ve been tasked with finding my own cover art for the novel. I’m hesitant to do this because I expected a future publisher to take care of this. I mean, that’s why they have entire departments who’s sole purpose is to design cover art for novels, right?
But, if I am to post the novel online, I have to find the right background, add the title and author’s name, post it online for all to see, and finally agonize on whether it looks right or if it will hurt sales.
The conundrum part of this story is this: Based on my friend Gundar’s advice, the background can come from any variety of online photo depositories. He’s an experienced graphic designer and artist and was hesitant to advise me to spend a lot of money on a freelance artist to make the cover from scratch. The reason is because if I ever do get picked up by a major publisher (emphasis on the word if), they will look at the cover, say “Aww, that’s cute” and scrap it so the their in-house art folks can design their own cover.
So for now, I have browse to find a background for the e-reader version of the novel. I will then send the cover to a couple of graphic designer contacts for review, and hopefully get a thumbnail version posted for the e-book. And to think I have just a week to accomplish this! haha

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