Who am I?

Allow me to divulge a bit about my current situation to bring everyone up to speed: I am an IT professional by trade, married with three kids and living in the Chicagoland area. Although I do like my job and I’m very good at it, I would rather spend my time writing novels. (It seems few people know this, so let’s keep this to ourselves)
My preference would be to write sci-fi full time and I’m trying to make inroads to accomplish that. I’ve always written well professionally and, with an active imagination for space travel and related adventures to offset a hum-drum life in a cubicle, I’ve tried to write stories in my spare time.
Currently, I can be classified as a debut author with a complete and professionally edited 90,000+ word novel but no literary agent or publisher. So all the dreams of writing full time are on the back burner while I conduct the painstaking search for an editor and subsequent publisher.
Before I go further, I have been asked by friends and fellow writers whether I plan to self-publish. The answer is Possibly, but only once I feel I’ve exhausted the mainstream paths first. This means I have a ways to go which takes me down a path of query submissions, rejection, and persistence to do it again. I’ll describe this in more detail later because it deserves its own post. The only exception is an investigation into Smashwords, a DIY E-book depository, and I will comment on my progress as I learn more about it.
As of today (August 21), I have queries out to three agents, two copies of my novel out to friends, and I’m in a search for an illustrator or graphic designer to throw together a cover for the book so I can post something in Smashwords.
Expect more updates as my journey continues, but for now my break is done and the cube awaits.

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